Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Sem gone by

We bid our fond farewells to Semester 4 on Thursday. As I looked back to catch a quick recap of my life at college so far, everything passed by me like a technicolour blur. It is only when I begin a new semester sans the things I leave behind, will I realize how important they were in my life. Nevertheless, this is my attempt at capturing small moments that may not repeat themselves in the forthcoming year. (Mushy post coming up.)

Mrs.V - It’s hard to believe that we’ll have to tolerate a full year without her. Sure, we cribbed during all the report-writing classes and the project presentations. But we’ve had our fun moments in class. We’ve discussed everything- from Kareena Kapoor’s diet to life during the Emergency. We sometimes forgot she was our teacher. We’ve counted her ‘uuuh’s and laughed at her windshield wiper gestures. I’ll miss those Monday morning quizzes that we never studied for. Those brownies that we were always promised, but finally got on her last day. And now, when she’s off to a different continent, I can almost imagine her trying to tame a class as wild as ours all over again!

Dr.R - Film App. is the first phrase that pops in when I think of him. Thanks to him, I got to watch Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Iranian movies. With coffee breaks. Whether it is studying realism through art and films, or even something as mundane as editing symbols, his classes were different. I guess we’ll see him around once a while, but even then I’ll miss those classes where we were allowed to play Dumb Charades instead of studying!

Sanskrit – I leave behind a subject that I’ve studied for almost 8 years now. I don’t exactly miss the subject, but the teacher at college was actually quite nice. She began to grow on us only when we were in our last month of the semester. I’ll miss those classes where we would pretend to read but actually play Bingo. The nicknames we gave almost every other student in class. The imitation of her accent and her funny signature in our test papers.

There are lots of things that are anchored with Semester 4. But I just realized they are more fun to keep in the memory. My writing would never do justice to many more events that shaped this semester. And as I move on to the next sem, I hope that we get to meet people as special and interesting as the ones we bid farewell to.