Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Metaflashback.

Is a flashback within a flashback known as metaflashback? Oh well, even if it isn't, I don't really care, it just sounds nice for a title! 

2008 did not go by as a flash. There are so many things I've done this year that it is impossible to remember them all. However, if I shut my eyes for a second, then the technicolour vision I get that defines my 2008 includes all this: 

My twentieth birthday. After all that cribbing, my turn to turn twenty arrived. I must say, that the day was really special thanks to everyone who took that effort to make it this way. A big big hug goes out to those two best friends I have who gave me those twenty gifts (Guys, I've eaten some, but those inedible gifts are etched forever in my room and memory). 

The Internship. Hey, don't blame me for bringing it up every ten seconds of this year since April. I've  learnt Foosball, table tennis, archery, wall climbing and golf. I've cycled in the rain, danced on rooftops at midnight, wandered in the streets of Hyderabad, sampled (actually more than just sampled)  food from all over the world (such as bouillabaisse - although I don't get why people are so crazy over it). And yes, worked as well! It was like pages from paradise. I wont get into it anymore but leave it at that- a splendid memory of the year that was. 

Photography!! I don't mean pictures that I may have put up on social networking sites. Because I take AGES in putting those up. I mean my photography class. I discovered the underbelly of Bangalore and noticed the livelihood of so many people we just don't bother with. At the risk of sounding painfully cliched and pun-ny, I have to say, 'My eyes were opened' with photography class. Two months of waking up ridiculously early (even for morning larks like me) and exploring the city in new bus routes was an intriguing experience. 

Movies!!!! I've seen the most number of movies this year than any other year. And I've liked them ALL! The pre-movie thrill was much more fun though. Whether it was giggling throughout a movie just because of ONE outfit (Sex and the City),  racing down Bellary road just to reach the theatre on time (for Dostana) , or watching a movie with the entire class, I've fallen in love with countless protagonists and hummed scores of tunes this year. Very filmy. 

Friends- I made lots of them this year. Some who live in other cities, but still maintain close enough ties. Some who are with me all day long, and yet never tire me (or get tired by me, I think), some who are game for doing anything anytime. I've made new ones, stayed with the old ones, rediscovered some and learnt lessons from some. They've all added colour, drama and emotion to all my experiences this year. I hope they continue to do so, every year. 

FOOD! This includes everything. From that entire Google office (I swear, sometimes, I compare the place to Willy Wonka's factory- except here, you get much more than just candy) to that list we've all made for things and places to eat in before graduating. We're completing the list and adding more every week. I think it's begun to show on me too. Oh dear! 

College!! Is it just me or does everyone like college as much as I do? It's funny, but I get this thrill of waking up and entering college to begin a brand new day with delightful (OK, not everyone is that delightful) people. There hasn't been a day when I've not laughed till I've cried. And I hope there never will be. 2009 is going to begin with very very mushy posts about how terrible I'll feel while graduating! :-( 

Uno!! Uno is more than just a game for us. What started off as a train game while going to hyderabad, turned into a BIG DEAL. We've had super-uno championships. We've been threatened by the railway police that we'll be procesuted (apparently) for gambling! Maybe the world is ignorant of the game. It's one brilliant invention. Especially for those slow slow slow English classes on Thursday afternoons. 

Urgh. There is so much more to think about, to ink about. Sometimes, I wish my thoughts could just get typed by themselves to save time. However, I still need to do stuff that will determine my fate for the first week of 2009. So I'm off with just this one small (not so small also) post about the year that finishes in 9 hours from now. A remarkable year, that will be penned down as one of my best till date. My resolution for 2009? To make it even more remarkable than 2008! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One Self-obsessed tag coming up.........

1. What is your occupation? I am really occupied with the television right now. I fell from the stairs so there is little I can do without moving many muscles except watch hours of mindless television. When movies are coming non-stop, why not? 

2. What color are your socks right now? They are purple with yellow smiley faces all over. I kid you not. Bangalore is cold and these socks are incredibly warm. My dentist actually complimented them! (One of my rare happy moments during those 4 years of torture) 

3. What are you listening to right now ? There seems to be a huge traffic jam outside. So I can hear a couple of frustrated, clinically depressed megalomaniacs who seem to find it therapeutic to use their honks generously. 

4. What was the last thing that you ate ? I ate a couple of cashew nuts and dried apricots. I've taken a strange liking to them. 

5. Can you drive a stick shift? I can, but I don't want to. Do you know how easy it is to drive in a car which has automatic gears? I spend half my driving time doing complex mathematical calculations about the speed of the car, the distance from a potential speed breaker and the gear I must switch to in order to prevent a thud thud thud thud......screech 

6. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Dude, where is my phone? I've been searching for it since yesterday and have found a lot of other interesting things instead (like sheets of sparkly red wrapping paper). I need to go hunting for it now. The irony is, when I have my phone with me, I don't get any calls. When it's languishing somewhere in the depths of my clutter, I get tons of calls. 

7. Do you like the person who sent this to you? I will always like this person who sent me the tag. Although I must say Iysh, you've found an excellent way to fish for compliments! :-P 

8. How old are you today? I feel about a hundred and twenty four, having sat on the couch all day. But I think I am 20 years, 9 months and 14 days old. Does that make you feel happy Sneha

9. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV? I really like watching rhythmic gymnastics. Really. Ice Skating is also very nice. But since both these programs come on DD Sports with the commentators' voice being as dull as boiled cabbage, I have switched over to Tennis now. 

10. What are your favorite drinks? Hot water with Honey, tender coconut water and cold cold milk without sugar (not all of them at the same time though.) 

11. Have you ever dyed your hair? Not yet, but apparently my hair is naturally streaked with strands of brown and black. Or so I've been told by people who just like to watch me getting flustered about the oddities I have. 

12. Favorite food? Hot aloo paranthas with dollops of butter, dal makhni, cold cold curds and jalebis to finish this meal. Anyone planning to cook this for me? These restaurant places are soooo crowded. I want to eat this meal by the seaside, with only the chatter of waves being my companions. Weird combination, I know. Paranthas and seaside - but Hey! I can fantasize about these things cant I? 

13. What is the last movie you watched? Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. I really really liked it ok? OK. Actually, I just like all this is no exception, and if I show off once more that the lead actor was my batchmate from college, I'll only invite I'll end it with 'It's a nice movie'. 

At home I saw Casino Royale - I'd like to change my favorite food to a serving of Daniel Craig please. 

14. Favorite day of the year? March 4th. Because I know there are 6 days to go before my birthday so I can wait for it with anticipation...and yet not feel bad that it's too close. I always hate March 11th. I feel OLD. these days, I feel OLDER as little things around me are still in their teens and I'm asked to tell them 'How it feels like' 

15. How do you vent anger? Well, I generally vent it out AT the person. If you have been at the receiving end and are still (remarkably) on talking terms with me, then you would know best. I shout, yell, stomp and head bang in true filmy style. then I calm down and apologize (If I started the fight or was being unreasonably angry). I haven't lost my temper in a while though, so either it's a very good sign or the calm before a storm. 

16. What was your favorite toy as a child? Ooh..I had a Doctor Doctor Set...with the cutest and tiniest Stethoscope and pretend bottles of medicine and a syringe. I would assume the world has been struck with an epidemic and would run around treating checking their heartbeats in the shins! (Don't blame me...I could only reach that high) 

17. What is your favorite season? My birthday falls in Spring, so I like that season. I like summer for it's fun incentives - like ice-creams, beaches and holidays. I like the monsoon season because I love walking in the rain, or reading a good book by the window. I like autumn because the trees give the orange sun an inferiority complex. I like winters for that smoke thingy that you can blow if you step out early in the mornings. Ooh...and eating spicy chat in the cold weather is the best treat! So basically, I like all seasons. 

18. Do you want your friends to e-mail you back? Ok. If you really want to. Chances are I will be replying only three weeks later, but you can take a chance. 

19. When was the last time you cried? Ahem...shall we return to question no. 13? That would be the last time I cried. Yes, I cry at all movies. Even in those terrible Amisha Patel ones where she is torn between crying and wheezing. It just means I involve myself completely in all movies. If you've accompanied me to some movie and are reading this, STOP SNICKERING

20. What is on the floor of your closet? Dude, it's not the floor, it's just the bottom-most rack. All my skirts are down there. Once in a while, I rummage through, find them, sigh wistfully about wearing them someday and shocking everyone, and then go back to plain ol Jeans and a shirt. 

21. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending to? Well, technically Varun would be the friend I have had the longest, with our ties going as far back as our parents. Since he will be extremely busy right now, I'll fast forward to Sneha, whom I've known for 16 years, so that's pretty long as well. Here is something you can do in your hols! (instead of messaging me and making me feel jealous that you're free and I'm at college) 

22. What did you do last night? Umm....I ate a huge Ice cream sundae and watched Shrek III. :) I think I fell asleep halfway though...I dont remember how the movie ended......

23. What are you most afraid of? Lizards, and Robbers entering my house from the balcony. (Really weird innit? Most girls dream of Romeo entering through the balcony and here I get nightmares that Robbers will use the same passage.) 

24. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburger? Cheese, not so much. I like mayonnaise on my burgers. I like mayonnaise on anything. I like those HUGE HUGE burgers that smear ketchup all over your face when you take a bite! Of course, I like eating them alone, or with people who've seen me in more hideous avtaars. 

25. Favorite dog breed? Irish Setters and Cocker Spaniels. Fine, even that mongrel outside my house that gives me puppy eyes if I walk past him with a sandwich.

26. Favorite day of the week? Thursday. It's close to the weekend, but college still hasnt closed. I LIKE going to college dude. It's not that abnormal also. 

27. How many states have you lived in? Delhi and Karnataka. 

28. Diamonds or pearls? Ummm...Diamonds all the way! I'm not the dressy type, but even I would fall for those glittering pieces of heaven! Pearls are pretty but you really neednt invade a sea creature's privacy just to wear earrings. 

29. What is your wish for this new year? It's a secret. I hope it comes true. *Fingers crossed* 

30. New year resolution? Hmm....I have a couple. But they're secret as well. There are things in life that even I dont disclose on world wide web. 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Vicks on your Soul

A sure shot way of getting rid of a flu is to apply vicks on your soles. And this is coming from someone who has personally been acquainted with at least 70% of the flu viruses that exist. (for the benefit of those whose brains refuse to kick-start on an unexpected holiday, I'm talking about me.) So the thing is, you apply a layer of vicks on your soles, put on that old, torn but incredibly comfortable pair of woolen socks and go off to sleep. How the vicks works from the soles to de-congest your chest, I have no clue. Defying all laws of science and anatomy, it works. And I swear by the remedy. 

Recently however, I came across a group of those charming people who seem to want publicity more often than ever on television these days. They are more commonly known as terrorists, but to me, they're people who have been infected with the worst possible flu virus. They don't have congestion in the chests, they have it in their brains. And what they need isn't Vicks on their soles. They need Vicks on their souls. 

Their souls have been congested with twisted thoughts of gaining salvation and religious supremacy by standing on the hill of innocent killed civilians. Perhaps they find the view of the world enchanting from up there. I wish they had vertigo. 

I happened to read a comment on a news channel made by a viewer. He/She said- 'Terrorists don't belong to any religion.' No religious, god-fearing person will kill for the sake of attaining brownie points from God. Why do we constantly categorize these people into a specific religion and label innocent others as genetically cruel? In fact, terrorism is a religion in itself, separate from all the other religions that exist. A religion that probably promotes a more gruesome and sadly, highly effective way of family planning and population reduction. The god of this new religion is one heck of a sadist person. 

Innocent people have paid the price of these flu-infected souls. People who didn't give life much thought, knowing that there was always a tomorrow to come and think things through. I have a very good mind to tell these terrorist fellows (actually, knowing their habit of communicating in the best ways of technology, I hope one of them happens to read this), if you really have that itch in your hand to go forth and play super-divine and decide when to take lives, I suggest you pick the right target next time. Rapists, Child Abusers, Poachers, and lots more with equally congested souls are always there for you. In fact, our country is choking with such people. Why not pick them instead and make this country a morally cleaner place instead of targeting the usual crowd of innocent civilians?

 We've had it, really. It's time we saw news on TV that is not coloured red. It's time you picked a more sensible target. And it's time you applied a generous coat of vicks on your souls. 


10.10 PM 

I've been watching the news all day and I've changed my mind. These sick men dont need Vicks on their souls anymore. In fact, they've gone far beyond mere de-congestants acting as cures. They dont deserve to be cured at all. 

Friday, November 21, 2008

A deja vu-too good to be true!

I went back to my favorit-est city of this year-Hyderabad. Before going, I wondered if this was really worth all the trouble. I mean, I'd already been there and done that. Still, this journey was mind blowing. If someone were to ask me right now (that's rather unlikely but here goes anyway) if I preferred the May trip to this one, then I'd have to stay undecided. Both were fantastic in their own ways and I'm really feeling lucky (the Google pun intended) to have had the chance to visit the same place twice and have contrasting but equally exciting experiences! :-) 

So where should I begin from really? I'm too lazy right now to sit and type out every single detail of the trip. Go on, heave that sigh of relief! I'll probably sketch out a rather rough picture of my entire trip. Good enough for me to read later and get lost in reverie. (I still believe only a handful people read this blog thingy when they have nothing else to do so I'm writing with only my later intentions in mind.) 

The train ride: How long has it been since I last stepped into a 2nd class compartment of a train anyway? This one was bereft of the paan-pichku which adorned the walls of Karnataka Express, AC coaches et al. It had nice mica-type sparkly flooring and clean, very clean, berths. Clearly my inexperience in a night journey by train shone through when I bumped my head on the overhead berth rod and cut and bruised myself by almost falling off! But the games, the birthday celebration, the supposed midnight feast (which we ravenous pigs finished by 10 only) and the early morning chat were all worth it! 

The City- Hussain Sagar lake has never looked so mystical draped in the blanket of smog. The hotel, although situated in a rather congested area was amazingly delightful inside. Our room especially! Food was lip smacking, and the industry we visited..well...ahem...was interesting too. Now moving on to other things! The Snow world adventure- a deja vous with a twist-or rather, a fall. After landing squat on my posterior twice in that ridiculously cruel snow, I have resolved to stay in warm climates forever. Golconda fort however, was beautiful. It's the one place I want to go back again and again. It's eerie, but the last time I went there, I promised myself I'd be back. Soon. And it worked. Maybe it has the charm of that Roman Fountain. Contrary to many of my friends I was spellbound by the Sound and Light Show. It was so cool I wanted to go back and live during the times of the Kakatiyas and Bahamanis! 

Film City was interesting too. It just erased that line between illusion and reality. It also taught me that camera does the work of a make-up artist. The sets looked quite fake, to be honest, but cameras really do a splendid job of making hospitals and airports look authentic. The Mona Lisa portrait was a laugh riot, as were the various Movie Myaaagik shows we were compelled to watch. But our lunch at Gunsmoke-the Wild West Restaurant was one-of-a-kind. How often do you eat good ol burgers the size of a palm? With lots of crispy french fries thrown in? And coleslaw to top it all off? After McDonalds has arrived, not so often, my friend. The entire day was spent in discovering new things there. It was like a Pandora's box for us. 

10 Downing Street was an interesting experience as well. I must confess, I am not really those clubbing-pubbing-dancing type people. I'm perfectly content with a good book on a sofa. But my first experience was not so bad after all. Not only did I dance like a roller coaster gone haywire, I got to witness a few tunn classmates at their charming best! A rather classy place it was, where the DJ and the other guests kept serenading us 'Bangalore Girls' with lots of praise. We were 67 of us after all! 

Last day- it was spent in that usual frenzy of shopping for biscuits, bangles and biryani - something most tourists do. All three were fun, and Char Minar has now begun to grow on me, I liked it a tad better than last time. Otherwise the last day went off in a jiffy. Before we knew it, we were back to the train with our usual banter and attention seeking habit of high pitched laughter and lame antics! 

Things that MUST be documented, but I'm too lazy to do so in my diary: 
1. Pri's animal farm game! :-) 

2. Blespaul's Naxalite threat! (I kid you not, we all closed window shutters, flattened ourselves on the berths and whispered for over 15 minutes before realising it was a hoax!) 

3. Sigh, that horrendous roomie. She didn't leave us alone even this time. Anyway, this is only being documented to renew a fresh surge of indifference the next time I read it. She has crossed even limits of hatred and vile feelings. But we didn't let her spoil the trip at all! 

4. Pepsiiiiiiiiiii Uuuuuuuuuumaaaaaaaa!!! Dear ol Quashy! What could we DO without you? :-) 

5. Our industry visit. I'm only documenting this because I'm supposed to do a PPT on it soon. :-(
6. Snow World! And that cruel cruel snow which seemed to attract me from all sides, especially     below. Something else that attracted me was The Sound and Light Show. Breathtakingly marvellous. Amitabh Bachchan's voice has never sounded this majestic. It is still reverberating in my mind. It's turned me into a History Freak! 

7. Food, in general: From that yummy chocolate cake in the train with rolls and chips to pineapple juice at breakfast in the hotel to that spicy gongura chutney during lunch and spici-ergobi at dinner, to the HUGE burgers and Dabal Ka Meetha and Paradise Biryani and that interestingly tasty Paan to that crappy dinner in the train. All was memorable. 

8. Ramoji Film City- the pretend game that it is, and those tattoos that we all got, that crazy ride we went on, the stunt show, the bus ride to and fro-with our dear teachers compering an impromptu punny fashion show in the bus! 

9. Ten Downing Street- just for the place. And the way we all danced forever. And brought the house down with our enthu-sober version of being High! 

10. And of course, how can I ever forget A, B and C? And our villain D? How often do you find blackberry using, fair-and-lovely guys who are trained pilots studying to be fashion designers? Our topic of interest that sustained throughout the return trip!! :-) :-) 

Only 10 this time, there are a million memories that are floating like an unedited movie in my mind. But dinner beckons, and so do a lot more things in life. So I shall refrain from falling prey to staying back in my past like I did the last time, and move on with these splendid technicoloured memories. Plus, I think my fingers have begun to cramp after all this typing dude. I love you Hydera-baaaaaaaad! All over again! :-) 


Saturday, November 15, 2008

A poem..dedicated to fate. My fate.

Tonight I'm off to the Cyber City

With a terrible bout of allergity

Triggered off by filter coffee

This ought to be lotsa fun. Wheee! 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beeyay III – Back in Action!

Beeyay I and Beeyay II were about my interactions with outside people. This one is slightly hatke. This is a conversation I overheard within the fuzzy depths of my mind.

Remember those cartoons where there is an angel and a devil side of you that argues with each other? The sanctimonious Holy white cartoon and the evil and cunning Black cartoon? Turns out, these things don’t always happen only in reel life. They have decided to appear in my mind as well. In a way, it helps me make decisions in a more relative manner, taking both sides into account. (Generally, very blah decisions like must I bunk college today or watch Parent Trap again) However, this conversation was certainly not expected by me. Or the ‘me(s)’

Black-cartoon-of-myself: So you finally sent that mail huh?

White-cartoon-of-myself: Um, yes. It was the only right decision to do, you know. If you don’t want the job, then you must politely reject it early so that the chance may be given to someone else.

B: Whatever. You could’ve retained the offer till you got into some decent post grad college thingy right? I mean, a job is anyway much much more fun! You’ll get to, like, earn and stuff…and party with all those earnings and stuff.

W: *wary but patient look* but I want to study further, not earn and ahem…party… right now.

B: Bah! You crib about studying for a measly internal test and you want to study for like, sooooo many more years?

W: What’s wrong with that? I like what I want to do and if I get in a good place, I’ll not miss rejecting ‘the dream job’. And besides, what’s the point in studying when you don’t crib a tad? *winks*

B: Umm….duh! You interned there…you had the time of your life. You said yourself that given the chance, you’d want to rewind and live it a hundred times over. And now you don’t want to go back there? I mean, it’s going to be like a lifetime of that internship period…you don’t want all that? You’ll probably only meet clinically depressed or suicidal people all your life now onwards, instead of those happy happy guys!

W: least my life will be more fulfilling. And I will live on my terms…not get carried away by the euphoria of an internship. Besides, it’s the best I can think of in my line of study.

B: You want to know what’s best? This job is best, that’s what is best. Who in this insanely competitive world will hire a mere Beeyay for a job later anyway? Now that you have the world’s best employer wanting to hire you, you turn your back to it and say “No thanks, I’m better off in mental hospitals fulfilling my life?” Face it whitey, you want style, action and fun in your life. And you will certainly not get all that by cramming up books for the next what, 4 years? You’ll just graduate from a Beeyay to maybe a Yemesee (MSc) and Oh! If you’re lucky maybe even a PhD! A doctorate in boringsville, that’s what this is.

W: …………….. *no answer really, it’s one that I’m seeking as well.*

I guess at some level, I want to be the White-cartoon-of-myself. But there is that black cartoon in me that I've recently encountered. Is this a fight between being pragmatic and romantic (in the idealist, rose glasses sort of way)? Or is it a reflection of two opinions with the same goal in mind-success and self-fulfillment?
All this while, I’ve ridiculed the society, parents (of other people) and the world in general. I didn’t realize that I had a Beeyay bug inside me as well.

Ten years down the line, I might want to revisit this post to see who won the argument after all….the white or the black cartoon. And whoever it was that won, I hope not at the cost of my ambitions.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


You know, I had this dream once where God had decided to be considerate on us Bangaloreans and bring a beach to the city. One day I would step out and see my house turned into a houseboat, right in the middle of a vast endless ocean of aquamarine blue and the only way I could get to other places would be with the help of a raft. Very Famous Five-ish.

But today I realized...dreams do come true. I'm beginning to regret the fact that I didnt pay too much attention to the coach during my swimming lessons. Now there is no way out of this place.

Oh dear.

I'm drowning.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tagged again! :)

What have you realized recently?
Chocolate muffins can release endorphins that not only elevate your mood and remove stress, but they also apparently eliminate your paltry will power to study!

Have you given your first kiss away?
Nah. I'm single, not yet ready to mingle, and haven't met anyone who makes my heart tingle! it's a pretty lame rhyme...but can hearts tingle?

If you are stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 blog buddies you will take along with you?
Hah! Firstly, I don't have 11 blog buddies. I might have a couple, but since I'm stranded, I might as well take the book Snow, by Orhan Pamuk with's been lying unread for the past 5 weeks...I'll end up finishing the book at least.

Where is the place you want to go the most?
Hmmm.....I want to see ALL of Europe and South America..but for now, I'm content with just going to that new mall and sizing it up. It's supposed to have a Westside, Landmark and Inox...clothes, books and movies....and I can get 'em all with a hop, skip and jump from my place!

If you have one dream to come true, then what would it be?
Well, literally speaking..I got a dream yesterday that my English HOD presented me the Nobel Prize for Literature after she read my answers in the exam. If Freud had his way, then I guess it means I'm suffering from an inferiority complex of writing literature answers...but it's only a I wouldn't mind it coming true! ;-)

Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?
Well, the raindrops have to be at the correct angle for dispersion to occur and rainbows to be formed. But on a sunny day if it drizzles, yeah, I look out for a rainbow. Besides, I've seen TWO rainbows together as well....just scroll down this might catch it there!

What are you afraid of losing the most now?
Dude...I'm afraid of losing my Literature notes right now. I've written pages and pages about the plight of Oedipus...if I don't find it in my room then I guess I can kiss that dream of winning the Nobel Prize goodbye! ;-)
What I want to lose, however, is my weight.....I've discovered this most divine bakery that has chocolate muffins...and from the business I've been giving them....I need to start searching for my sports shoes and lose it all.

If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Haven't I already answered this? I'd like to go backpacking across Europe, please. And probably buy a permanent suite at Hotel Hershey.

If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?
No...I'm too shy to do that. I swear! If you're reading this and wondering whatever happened to that irritatingly loquacious and bubbly kiddo who squeals out everything...then I guess you must know that I'm not all that kiddish...or irritating...or bubbly. Sigh, but I cant dispute loquacious.

List out 3 good points about the person who tagged you.
1) She is extremely determined about doing the IAS, here is one person who believes the country has to change and is actually working towards it! Hats off to you, Iysh!
2) She is very prompt and punctual...something I noticed when she would be the only person ready bang on time everyday!!
3) Thanks to her, all of us ended up feeding our faces with Rum Cake and acting like lil kids on the terrace at 12 in the night on 27th May! ;-) Did the birthday girl get a bite of the cake at all??

What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?

Well, I'm a southpaw, so I want my right half to be just as competent in writing and handling spoons and forks. In case I fracture my arm (Like that's ever going to happen..considering my dangerous sedentary lifestyle) my other half will work just as well as my left half! mean the life partner-other half types? Aaaah...then I require good genetics-probably including an incidence of twins in the family, someone who doesn't have the genes of protruding teeth, obesity and weak eyes and hypertension. Otherwise, I just like powerful, intelligent, handsome, funny, intriguing, happy people. Not too many expectations there! :-)

What type of people do you hate the most?
Unqualified Cynics. The kind of people who have never stepped into a BMTC bus and yet go on and on about the mismanaged transport system of the city. They anger me to no end.

What is the one thing that you cannot live without?
Sigh. I've answered this before as well. I cant live without my gift of gab. Also, that bakery with chocolate muffins.

If you have faults, would you rather people tell you about it or keep it to themselves?
Depends on who is doing the telling. If it's someone I know well enough to really point out my flaws for my benefit and not just out of spite, then I might like it. If they're not too close, then they can keep my faults to themselves, thanks.

This question has gone for a walk!
Excellent. Even questions have begun to go for walks and here I am...wanting to do it for months. Was this question supposed to give me a hint? Point taken. Hmph.

Are you a shopaholic?
Yeah! Only when the shopping is for me.

Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.
Zealous! (Sorry, it's a word I haven't used in a really long time...and it really describes you when it comes to your ambitions!)

If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
There really isn't anything I want to change about myself. But I'd like some people to take me more seriously and not just consider me a floaty-happy-bubbly person.

What's the last shocking thing that you have seen or heard? was this article I read about Sarah Palin in the Newsweek. Shockingly Nasty! But it was the kind that makes everyone chuckle and wonder about the plight of Palin if she does succeed in becoming the Vice President.

Would you rather have money, but no love, or love, but no money?
I want lovely money! My answers seem to get cornier by the question!
Seriously....I think I'd rather have the money since I haven't found love I'm not willing to bet on love.

Okay..since I have to tag this to another person, I pick Sneha! Welcome to the blogging world and pass on this chain!! ;-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Idiot Exemplified

I used to be the most loyal defender of the Idiot Box. I never believed a word that others said about how it can spoil you, make your brains freeze or just turn you into a couch potato. But today, I stand corrected.
Reasons why watching TV is the worst possible time pass at 11.30 in the morning:

1) Only re-runs of Ekta Kapoor and pseudo Ekta Kapoor serials are aired. The women, dressed to give a rainbow an inferiority complex, are in a constant tug of war with one another. The men are only present in these shows to be unfaithful, marry thrice, die twice and undergo a series of plastic surgeries until they end up looking quite the same as the first episode. Earlier, the one difference between these soaps and movies were the song and dance sequences. But due to a lack of story and creativity, even film songs have entered these mansions. Why induce melancholy in life by watching these sagas anyway?

2) Spitsvilla- I know I’ve spelt it wrong. But seriously, all they do in splitsvilla is spit at each other’s reputations and sub-zero sized images. A score of girls try and woo two desperate looking boys just so that they can claim their fifteen seconds of fame, and if luck is on their side, maybe even the love of one of those loser fellows. Really, have girls in this country become this desperate for companionship? Their antics make me wonder if accepting fraaanship requests on social networking sites is a much better option.

3) News Channels- This is not prime time for news anyway. It’s prime time for scandalous news. Try any desi news channel, and they’ll be discussing why Shilpa Shetty has become so Anglicized or something equally intriguing.

4) Teleshopping Channels. This is the time allocated for teleshopping. Even normal channels that usually air sitcoms end up airing teleshopping ads. A failed actress would be coaxing you to buy that magical roti-maker or those massage belt thingies that are bound to make you a smart, thin and efficient home-maker (the contemporary euphemism for housewife.)

This is only a chip off the humongous block of crappy stuff shown on TV at 11.30. The genres of shows change with times of the day as they cater to varying audiences. Using this point, we know that 11.30 is perhaps the time for home-makers to view television. So has Indian Television come to a conclusion that home-makers needs shows that are mundane enough to stimulate a pea-brain or am I just turning cynical after having watched this much TV in my holidays?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Role Model.

We've all written essays at school about our role models. I used to switch between Mark Twain (for being left-handed and a writer) and my Grandad (for being just the coolest Thata ever). But only recently did I understand the meaning of a Role Model. Someone you dont just admire, but respect. Someone who isn't imitated, but emulated. And it is then, that I found my true role model. You, my Friend. I don't need to mention the name, or the reason why I've made you my role model. You've taught me a lot (and that includes parts of maths and sanskrit, apart from just lessons of life.)

I've lived most of my life in a candyfloss environment. You've taught me that if life does decide to change tracks, and I lose complete control, it's okay. It eventually does settle down on a new track. It's up to me to build a new environment of candyfloss around it.
When sad things happen, you've taught me that I needn't always react like television soap actors, but accept events with a lot of calmness, courage and strength.
Most of all, there is nothing that can redeem the joy I get by waking up to a brand new day. You've taught me to respect the value of each and every day. Both good ones and bad ones.

These are perhaps small, even insignificant things in most people's lives. They might read this and wonder why on earth am I realising these things this late. But the fact remains that you've shown me a new perspective to life and to living every moment to the best of my capabilities. I wont make cliched remarks of 'always being there for you', but if ever you need someone to hang out with, share a couple of laughs...tears even, then you'll see my irritatingly bubbly self hovering around somewhere. Your strength redefines the word 'strength'. And today, I put you ahead of all the role models that I have ever admired. Thank you, Friend.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Point. Zoom. Click.

Technically, I should be using this time to study for my photography exam. It’s being held so early tomorrow morning that I’ll probably have to coax the sun to rise so that I can grope my way to the nearest bus stop and land up at college on time. This is the reason why I must dust my dying driving license and well, use my sense and drive. That accounts for a whole new post anyway, so let me just get to the point, zoom and click.

Remember Chewing Gum, Exam and Friends? Well, my photography class had a somewhat similar beginning. I am not trying to become an ‘accomplished’ woman of the Austen times by trying out theatre, photography etc. This class was compulsory and if not for this, I’d be still content with my four eyes and camera-phone to capture images (I recently discovered that I do in fact own a digital camera, but happy events have stopped occurring in life, so there is nothing to capture in it.)

We began class a month ago. Our sir likes to give the sun an inferiority complex by rising earlier. In an effort to impress him, most of us tried reaching on time but in the process ended up looking like doped kids picked up from the corner of some random alley. The theory classes were fun, sitting under a huge tree in college. In fact, my first ever picture (during the class, that is) was of that tree. When I see the outcome, it just looks like a mass of spangled leaves with sunshine peeking through, but anyway, it’s the thought behind the image that counts. :P

We progressed from college to Loafer’s Lane and then moved on to explore the world yonder. In the past few weeks, we’ve been to Pottery Town, Dhobi Ghat, MG Road promenade (or what’s left of it) and Russel Market.
Pottery town was our first excursion with the camera, so we considered ourselves to be these crime-scene photographers as we trudged along the muddy (well, it rains everyday and this is pottery town, so there’s nothing else but mud) lanes with the SLRs, capturing the most bizarre moments and claiming them to be masterpieces.
Dhobi ghat was especially interesting as we saw over 50 men and women washing clothes continuously, almost in a rhythm. The swishing of clothes in the wind and the mixing of hues in that space of land was a photographer’s paradise, with the donkey and everything.
Russell market was, well, crowded. Even as early as 7.45 in the morning. Of course, we had to choose the eve of St.Mary’s Feast to shoot pictures around the Basilica of St.Mary. We explored Shivajinagar and got lost in the by-lanes that led to these alleys of auto-repair shops. We stalked random people who looked like ‘intriguing subjects’. We also tried capturing a Policeman, but he gave us such a look of disdain that we meekly scampered away.
MG Road was dirty. Well, we went to the promenade side, which has been ravaged by huge metal rods and garbage. What was once a walkway filled with bougainvillea blossoms is now a garbage dump with weeds and thousands of fountain Pepsi glasses. Looks like someone had a party and forgot to clean up, a century ago. We tried our hand at panning and painting with light (if you don’t know what this means then I’ve achieved my ultimate goal of photography class- befuddling people with technical and impressive jargons!) A couple of rats, hawks and red ants came up and watched us in action. I swear I saw a snake and some maggots as well, but my friends shooed away that observation, claiming it to be false. They were just trying to reassure themselves. I did see those creatures. In the history of our photography class, the sun finally beat us. It set before we finished, and we were left with specks of orangey-blue dotting the skies. That contrasted sharply with the neon billboards and headlights of zooming vehicles. The sunset was a spectacle. Perhaps because I’ve not seen many of those in Bangalore. Blame it on the load of work, or my anti-social nature of being ensconced in a confined space, I have to concede that the world looks bloody brilliant during the sunset.

With those, and a couple more excursions, we ended our photography class. But in true filmy style, we had a grand finale. As you read this, in some printing press in the streets of Bangalore, our pictures are being printed on the cover of the College Magazine (or something or the other related to college…we’re not too sure). Our sir did some photo-shoots of the new auditorium and needed, ahem, models to make the college look more vibrant. So we gladly replaced our alumni of supermodels and clearly high on the overdose of photographs, we flounced about the basketball court looking slyly at the camera. The moment I get my hands on whichever book that carries the picture on it’s cover, I’m going to frame it and show it off to the next couple of generations (My general tendency is to appear hideous in all school/college magazines, but this one, my newfound photography intuition says, is going to be a classic.)

Well, that is it. The classes are done and it’s now my job to go and study (ha ha) for the exam. I have seen the pictures I’ve taken so far. They haven’t been spectacular, but there is some potential that is straining to appear amidst those images. If I manage to achieve my goal of retiring at the age of forty and settling down in the Fiji Islands (I have a friend there, you know.), then I’ll scrape a living out of clicking pictures of sunrise and sunset. Waitaminute, did I say sunrise? Doesn’t the sun rise, at like, five in the morning? *look of horror*

Friday, August 8, 2008


Much much unlike the previous two posts, this one is going to be short and sweet. Again, the desire for the dateline overtook the writer's creativity and I wanted one post for this date. Really, this blog is becoming like some sort of museum, where I'm collecting memories and storing them..knowing for a fact that this record can never be lost in that eternally messy room of mine.

Well, I dont really want to spend much time here today though....the Olympics, my psychology project analysis, assignments and a storybook beckons me to get off this space. I'm quite certain I'll come up with many 'productive' posts between 08.08.08 and 09.09.09 and not just rant and rave about how cool the date looks on my blog! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Googled Part II :)

The google-mania continues as I put up another post related to it! J Sigh….I don’t think I’ll ever get over this now, will I? But these are the 150 things that will keep transporting me back to those 6 weeks…..there are much much much more than just 150 of course, but I decided to spare the reader a bit and just jot down the most memorable ones…..

A special special thanks to Iysh ….from whose blog I shamelessly copy pasted this…. with a few changes :-) But hey! We all came up with this list as a collaborative effort so I figured that by spreading the knowledge, it’s no harm really ;-) So here it begins….be prepared for a really long…and sometimes not very coherent…list!
2. Ganne ka juice...!
3. FOOSBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Divya's laughter! :D
5. "Go jump into the Approval Bin!"
6. Sub-Saharan African children
7. The "Terrace" talks!
9. The intellectual game that led to raunchy dares! :P
10. "Old city.. New city... Great city... I love you hyderabad!"
11. Golconda fort! :D
12. Weekend breakfast conversations at the guest house!
13. Naya's camera! (A very special thanks to you Naya, without your camera we wouldnt be having so many memoirs to take back home! )
14. SAKKATH!!! :)
16. Hyderabad buses
17.*Ding Ding*
18. Chipkali :D
19. Google food!!!
20. Coffee/ Tea/ Hot chocolate breaks that lasted forever!
21. The swimming pool...!
22. Hari's singing... "Pehli nazar mein"
23. "Certain Googlers!"
24. Ragging our trainers - Sundeep and Khalid!
25. Google terrace... our heaven!
26. A'bis' 'cakes' (We'll really miss u a lot Abhisek….or maybe just your ever open wallet!)
27. Snow world!
28. Rajasthani Dhaba…and the yummy lassi there! :-)
29. Singing and dancing at the terrace in the middle of the night! And playing musical chairs!
30. Staying up throughout the night at the terrace to watch the sun rise in the morning! :-)
31. Paradise Biriyani
32. The double rainbow.. :-)
33. Say CHEESE!!! :P
34. 6'4.2"...or was it 6'4.3"?? - Uyarndha manidhan!
35. "Katal karna jurm hai par sahi waqt par katal karna rajniti!"
37. IPL finals! :-D...and our own rendition of cricket in the basement!
38. OMEGA, 2ND FLOOR! :-)
39. "You suuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!"
40. Watching cartoons in telugu!
41. George's b'day video!
42. Iysh's Birthday...the Rum Cake!! :-D
43. Sex and the city!! Watching the Night show and returning at 2 AM! The weird clothes they wore! ;)
44. Slam books! :-D
45. Team lunches! :-)
47. Google goodies! :-)
48. Learning to wash clothes! :-)
49. Cornettoes! :D
50. "Follow the noise...!"
51. Beanbags, Balls and massage chairs.. :-)
52. Lava lamps!
53. The elevators and ID cards....especially the retractors!
54. OKRs and scary times at work!
55. 12 people in one tiny share auto! :-D
56. Headphones, but LOUD music!
57. The FREEZE zone a.k.a Monet!
58. Air guitaring, air drumming and head banging!
59. Inuyasha!!
60. "Freaks of nature!"
61. Charminar and Chudi Bazaar!
62. BOATING!!! :-D
63. Chili Cheese mushroom spread + Alu Bhujiya + Butter + Ketchup Sandwiches! :-)
64. Cab rides!
65. Divya-Uma duets!
66. MOMA pictures!
67. The "Sling" guy! ;-)
68. Mutual embarrassment!
69. Georgina! :P
70. The Towel Dance...Jab se tere naina...... :-D
71. Ooma's graduation story!
72. The dangerous dance moves! - Sylvian. :P
73. Ma... (couretsy : Madhuri)
74. Pa... (courtesy : hari)
75. Ra.... (courtesy : Uma)
76. Arey wah! :-) (Courtesy : Rahul)
77. Bin watch! :P
78. The Team Metal Mug! :-) :-) :-)
79. Deli9!
80. Tiramisu :-)
81. 'Laila' college
82. Ctrl C + Ctrl V.
83. "Backspace" :-(
84. Vaishu matha, Iyshu papa... :-
85. Kim's "I'm in love with you - Joy Williams"
86. *Ping*
87. Chaaand! The beeeyoootiful moon! :) And the khakras!
88. L.O.V.E - Frank Sinatra
89. Kavya's sarcasm!
90. Divya's foot massage :)
91. TGIFs!! All of them…especially the green day food!!
92. "Mike" Preeti! :P
93. Phone booths!
94. The "Zombie" :-)
95. Am I the only one...? :P
96. 127 K
97. "Bhaiyya"
98. Happy b'day Abhisek! :-)
99. Shilpa Ramam…and the million pictures we posed for there!
100. Sundeep's retractor rotation!
101. Sundeep's "A" dollar! :P
102. Dub dub dub!
103. Porn porn porn!
104. Chechi! :P
105. Crushes.....sigh!
106. Lightbulbs ;-)
107. Pumpkin at Google entrance..!
108. P.S I love you! :-)
109. Chelsea ManU finals! :-)
110. Table tennis and Pool!
111. McDonalds!
112. Hussain Sagar lake...
113. Lumbini park laser show!
114. Eat street
115. Divya's daily gyan!
116. Burnt popcorn :-)
117. Birla mandir
118. Secret lake!
119. Hum bane tum bane ek tujhe je liye...
120. "Special" objects in the lake!
121. Tum to tehre pardesi!
122. The story of the girl eating a hand!
123. Pink shirt, blue jeans, long hair... :P
124. Jiggy! :-)
125. The plate, the shake and the straw!
126. Birthday buddies!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
127. Tum choosthe ho!
128. Ol McDonald song... :P
129. HOT SEAT!
130. Massage rooms!
131. Dessert nook! :D
132. Benny lava!
133. Blue day, Yellow day, Desi Day :-)
134. The swings, see saw and slide at the guesthouse…and the ENORMOUS lizard there! :-P
135. Ma and pa... :-)
136. Paradsise bill payment!
137. Getting soaked in the rain at the offsite…and cycling in the rain too!
138. Sollai man! And the powepuff girls song we changed to suit the sollai man!!
139. Pilfering! :P
140. Sexy thing - Tube top!
141. Preeti's "Kajra re"
142. Madhuri's tamil!
143. Chance pe dance!
144. The "living" statue at Shilpa ramam! The Swing!!
145. 27 Dresses! :-) The hero of 27 dresses- :-) :-)
146. The Gulab Jamuns and Rasgullas piled up on shake's plate!
147. She's the man...!
148. The never ending goodbye hugs! :-(
149. Hyderabad Airport!! :-O
150. And US - the wackiest, crazy, irritatingly loud and most fun group ever to have graced this planet!! All 29 of us rocked!! :-D

Friday, June 27, 2008

Googled! :) :)

The utopic vacation has ended. But the memories remain afresh in the mind, vying against each other to take prominence. So it was about time I got my nostalgic butt off the floors of Google and documented the whole thing while it stays in the forefront. So here begins the journey of a twenty year old teenager from her very pink room to the colourful office of Google and back to that very pink room.

The Beginning: The flight to Hyderabad: An absolutely normal flight journey with no hijacking/turbulence/lost luggage/lost interns made up the beginning of the journey. We landed in the very glassy airport and I was so awestruck by the enormous glass marvel that I almost forgot to gloat over the cabbie standing near the arrivals holding a sign with my name and the Google logo! I was wondering if he would give me that sheet, but he took one look at my luggage and gave me a huge frown so I politely changed my mind.

Week one was characterized by training and acquainting ourselves with the office. We felt at home the moment we got our IDs. That gave us the freedom and access to every nook and corner of the office! And the fact that most of us photographed really well for the ID made us show them off all the more! We gelled really well and would stay up chatting beyond midnight from the very first day. Before we knew it, the weekend arrived and we decided to go to Salarjung Museum. We walked very confidently into the office to take cabs but were greeted by an empty basement instead. So our brilliant alternative came in the form of 127K, our equivalent of Cinderella’s Chariot for the rest of the internship. We got off at the last stop and took a share auto till the museum. 12 of us were piled into the same auto…which is probably slightly bigger than a normal auto! We were literally falling out when we got caught by the cops as well! A while and a bribe later we reached the museum, just by paying 7 bucks per person! By far the cheapest and most adventurous mode of transport!
The museum was magnificent. The veiled Rebecca is still imprinted in my mind..the delicate carving and attention paid to detailing the statues transports one to another world altogether. The only thing that interested me in museums were the overpriced canteens and Mughal exhibits. But this museum captivated my attention for most rooms, right from the renaissance art to glassware and watch works. Our return trip was courtesy the Knight-in-not-so-shining-armour bus, 127 K.

Sunday brought with it a plethora of possibilities. A whole new city was waiting to be explored and we had 5 more weeks to do it. We decided to go where most tourists go in Hyderabad. Not Char Minar, but Snow World! This exceedingly popular place is actually filled with artificial snow and has people queuing up just to pelt each other with snow! We were pretty skeptical to begin with and walked in rather delicately after adorning ghastly and oversized coats, boots and gloves. We were blinded by the whiteness of everything and suddenly became little kids by pelting snow at each other! We had snow wars, danced in the snow, played basketball and finally went on a sleigh-go-round in the snow! We then formed a huge train and went all around the area hooting! Once we were literally thrown out, we warmed ourselves with the most welcoming cup of coffee. Once out, we realized it was 9 and we were starving. So we began the trek to Eat street, on the banks of Hussain sagar lake. Once we were done with satisfying our bottomless pits, it was 11! The task of finding autos for 25 of us at that time was quite an interesting experience. But we finally reached home, late and exhausted, to begin a week of work.

Week 2 was characterized by work and only work. The weekend was welcomed like a gust of the cool breeze that suddenly envelops you in Hyderabad. We lazed around most of the Saturday, deciding to finally use the pool. We tried playing a rather funny game of catching and tossing a cricket ball by sitting on the edge of the pool.
We then showered and after a gulping of lunch, we went to Shilparamam, this heritage place very close to the guest house. It was quite nice, actually. Although there isn’t much for a large gang like ours to do there, except maybe shop. But we were one enthusiastic bunch with 3 cameras so we made the most of the picturesque surroundings and turned models for the most hilarious snaps! Before we knew it, the sun had set and lights were switched on for a concert where the lady was wailing for dear life. After mocking her for quite a while, we decided it would be polite to walk out instead of being unceremoniously thrown out for disturbing the aura of fine music!

The Sunday was more promising than the Saturday. We decided to cover more of Hyderabad that day. Sure enough, we set off quite early (which would be 11, by the IST – Intern Standard Time) to go to Birla Mandir. We just made it as the doors were closing. we were rewarded with a final glimpse of god and blistered feet after walking on heated marble at noon! even glasses of ganna juice that we downed after this scorching pilgrimage didn’t help! We lunched at Sukha Sagara (only for the air conditioning though!) and set off to Char Minar. Char Minar was….a huge disappointment. The hype around it, the beautiful pictures shown on television and newspapers had us painting a beautiful picture of it. Char Minar, standalone, is quite breathtaking. But you hold your breath in disgust when you see people messily eating right inside it and littering it. We went around it and then walked right into Chudi Bazaar. We were greeted by the most gorgeous colours and shimmery sparkly bangles all around us. After over two hours of shopping, we finally left the place to get back home. We dined at this nice Rajasthani dhaba, a stone’s throw away from Home. We hit the bed right after reaching home to wake up to another week filled with exciting events.

Week 3 went off in a tizzy of work, projects, meetings and sessions with the various Googlers. So before we knew it, the weekend descended very benevolently on us. We spent most of Saturday morning sleeping. Late afternoon we decided to go to Golconda Fort. Complying by our usual IST, we actually made to the fort by 4. There we began the trek upwards, stopping for a dozen pictures at every nook and corner! The view from the top was breathtaking! The atmosphere seemed so serene despite the crowds thronging there. For a split second (or perhaps longer), I forgot the existence of everything else and just took in that splendid view. But we were jerked out of our reverie as we had to get back early to catch the IPL semifinals (The Chennai crowd was the majority amongst us). So we ditched the sound and light show and went back by autos and bus. After a hurried dinner at the Rajasthani dhaba, we went just in time to see the Chennai Superkings win the match. Since they were in the finals, the program for the next day was already decided. Sitting at home and watching the match.

So Sunday began on an extremely lazy note. It was pool time again so we went down to play that tennis ball game, along with tossing a coin to let the guys find it. The game was going on rather peacefully until the guys decided it would be a hilarious joke to dive in right beside us and shower us with chlorinated water. Joke was on us until we got hold of their clothes and tossed them just as precisely as they tossed themselves in! Aah, the cry of horror at seeing their clothes flying in the air towards the pool was one of the most melodious sounds I have heard!! :D Morning soon gave way to noon and we ate a late lunch and lazed around until we decided to get into the spirit of cricket earlier than the match. We got hold of a bat and a ball and played cricket at the basement. The most hilarious game of cricket since half of us didn’t know how to hold the bat and the other half didn’t know how to bowl! We somehow managed to collect a few runs apiece and decided to just go out for a walk after the game. After the walk, we returned for the match. The match seemed tailor-made for us! It had a lot of excitement and suspense until the last ball. Despite the unfortunate loss, we proudly wore the Chennai Yellow on the next working day! :)

Week 4 was a long weekend because of the Hyderabad bundh. Friday was spent in the office playing foosball and TT. Saturday was a little more productive as we went to Paradise (Hyderabad’s answer to Biryani). It is a building filled with Biryani! For us veggies, the options are only limited Veg biryani, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of teasing those who turned carnivorous! After several impromptu renditions of Happy Birthday Abhiskeks (in the eternal hope that the Paradise people may give us cake) and a slo-oo-oow lunch, we were literally and not so politely escorted outside! After this we decided to spread a little more of our intern sunshine and joy in Hyderabad and went to Lumbini Park for the laser show. Half of us decided to walk the 5 km distance ( 2 kms of which is around the Hussain Sagar lake). It was the most refreshing walk that burnt calories and the guilt of pigging out too much at the office! After reaching the venue, we scoffed at the more delicate ones who chose not to walk. But we didn’t push it because they had the tickets to the show! After another round of photography, we went in and watched the show. The laser show was quite spectacular and the musical fountain was well timed and choreographed (if that’s what it is called). We came out of the show singing one of the songs played there. It became our anthem henceforth and we would burst into the song every now and then to break the long pauses at office, outside or at home.

Our song went like this: Old Citeeeeee………old citeeeee (echo)
New Citeeeee………new citeeee (echo)
Great Citeeee……….great citeee (echo)
I love you Hyderaabaaaaaad!!!!!!

The mozarts within us awakened and we gladly performed a rendition of the song to everyone who asked us how our weekend was!

The Sunday morning was spent in debating whether or not to go to Ramoji Film City. We decided against it as it was already a late start to the day. We went instead to Sarkaar Raj, the movie. 3 hours later, we emerged with Govinda Govinda resonating in our heads! The movie was nice, but the whole experience of having watched it with such a huge crowd was nicer. The rest of the Sunday was spent playing the same games at office and we decided to see what our terrace looks like. The sight was a marvel! Not only did it drizzle lightly, we got the fortune to see two rainbows! We were awestruck by the sight and spent most of the evening at the terrace clicking a million pictures of the rainbow and us with the rainbows.

Week 5 was payback time. To compensate for our Friday holiday, we had to work on the following Saturday! :( So the entire day was lost in work. The Sunday however, was our last Sunday at Hyd. So we decided to spend it in a place called Secret Lake (a small unknown lake tucked away in the interiors of Hi tech city). We went trekking there, boating (both motor boating and peddle boating) and played the most hilarious game of Chain Chain! We kept giggling and breaking the chain and falling on the ground. It was the best possible way of spending a Sunday! We ended the day with dinner at this really nice place called Ginger Court.

Week 6 descended upon us with an air of melancholy as it was our last week. We had a desi day. Went out to watch Sex and the City, late night show. Went shopping. And finally made it to the Friday which was mostly spent in trying to mentally capture every moment of the stay. Saturday came as fast as the 127 K bus and we indulged in good byes and group hugs and tears of both joy (at having met such special people) and sorrow (of having to leave them all).

The internship lasted six weeks. While we were living those six weeks, the days went past slowly and we savoured every moment. But when I look back on it now, it all seems to have gone past before I could say ‘Google’! All of us are back home, back into the usual routines of college, assignments and other activities. But those six weeks were like a dream come true for everyone. I’ve made some great friends in the trip. I’ve done the craziest things, played the craziest games and worked like crazy as well. Although I am extremely Google-sick right now and don’t want to wake up into reality, I also want to create more memories with these marvelous people. I hope that we stay in touch and continue to be as close as we became in such a short duration. Cheers to Google, Hyderabad, and the most wonderful set of people I have come across! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm tagged. Finally.

Blog Tag.

Last movie seen in a theatre: Jodha Akbar, I think. It seems ages ago. The last movie I saw on DVD was John Tucker Must Die. Interesting movie. Very interesting hero! ;)

What book are you reading? P.S.-I Love You.So far, it's been delightful...cant wait to get a copy of the movie.

Favourite board game: Snakes and Ladders. A bit primitive, compared to the fundoo Computer games now but nothing beats the joy of landing on a ladder!

Favourite magazine:The only thing I have managed to read so far is the menu in the Google Cafeteria. I shall proceed to more intellectually challenging topics once I get back to my oh-so-interesting life at Bangalore.

Favourite smells: The smell of butter that lingers on the fingers after a Benne dosa, Hot Apple Pie, shampooed hair, Johnson and Johnson's baby cologne, Heavenly!

Favourite sounds: Wind chimes in a mild breeze, the 'ping' in Gtalk, listening to my own self jabbering away endlessly.

Worst feeling in the world: Stomach Ache :( and Lonliness which are often connected.

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? What's for breakfast?? ;)

Favourite fast food place: McDonalds, The Google Cafe (technically , it isnt fast food because we waste hours lingering there....but the food still rocks!), This benne masala place in NR Colony and Sugarcane juice stalls in the dirtiest streets of Hyderabad!

Future child’s name: Anything that doesnt begin with a V. All my life I've come right at the end in the roll call. No child of mine will suffer the same fate.

Finish this statement, “If I had a lot of money I’d… go backpacking across Europe in style. (Since backpacking would save a lot more money, I'd spend the remaining on an Island off the coast of Australia.)

Do you drive fast? I have won a slow cycling race at School once, do you think I would classify in the 'Fast Drivers' category? but on a more serious note, I have driven fast a couple of times, when I accidentally pressed the Accelerator instead of the Brakes! ;)

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Yes I do. And two of them. For the past twenty years. So sue me. :P

Storms - Are a lot of fun to watch on TV where houses fall like a pack of cards. They are fun to be in when you are stuck with a nice company in a deserted house by the Sea (this fantasy is yet to come true though.) And they are fun to listen to when it's dark and the only company you have is backstreet boys music. (this has, sadly, come ture several times).

Do you eat the stems on broccoli? I still cant spell broccoli if you throw the word randomly at me. Do you think I would eat it then? I am a desi vegetable person.

If you could dye your hair any colour, what would be your choice? I like my hair just the way it is. Thankyouverymuch.

Name all the different cities/towns you have lived in: Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and currently Hyderabad.

Favourite sports to watch:Tennis. Only when Roger Federer is playing. And winning. And offlate, I've begun to love playing and watching Foosbal. is a good friend.

One nice thing about the person who sent this to you: PS - he gives me a fresh perspective to things in life, and for the first time, I have actually begun listening to an opinion different from mine. And of course, he's always there online for me to bore.

What’s under your bed?I haven't really bothered looking under the bed in my room. I go to sleep only at unearthly hours everyday so the top of the bed looks way more inviting than under it. But since this behaviour will only last till June 21st, I'm very content with my sleeping habits. (Or the lack of it).

Would you like to be born as yourself again? I dont really mind. I guess then I have another life to act upon the ambition of being a successful and gorgeous neuro-surgeon in LA! :P (Yes, I know I watch too many medical soaps on TV)

Morning person or night owl?Morning Person. We are a rare species but we do exist :)

Over easy or sunny side up? neither. I like ruining my plans of a 'perfect diet' by choosing Cheese Omelettes everyday at work.

Favourite place to relax: The washing 'katte' behind my house. My room, anytime and off late, the Google Office, but that's where I've been practically living.

Favourite pie:Apple, Pineapple (Mcdonalds used to make amazing Pineapple Pies...they've stopped them now) :(

Favourite ice cream flavour: Mint Milk Chocolate Chip, and anything with a hint of toffee :)

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

So, you’re doing a Beeyay? – Part 2.

It’s back by popular demand. By the people around me who refuse­ to acknowledge the existence of grey matter in a college girl who’s doing a Beeyay.
After that disastrous encounter at a family function, this one occurred at the local market. I was trying very hard to convince my mum that we had bought enough vegetables to last this century when someone waved enthusiastically from the other side of the road. It turned out to be an old friend of my mum’s who was also battling with her weary looking son about the quantity of vegetables being bought. She walked up to us and blissfully ignored the chaos around, speaking as if we were all lounging in some cafĂ©.
I’ll jump right to the point and only describe the part of conversation involving me and my (sigh) lack of insight while choosing a career.

Aunty: So, you must be in your final year now na?
Me: Yeah I’ll be entering final year this June.
Aunty: What plans do you have for the future then?
Me: Oh, well, I’m considering some options in Psyc…..
(Cutting me off abruptly)
A: Actually, I wanted to ask you something.
M: Yes aunty, what happened?
A: My son no? He also wants to do this Psychology and Journalism and all that.
M: Oh really? I’d love to tell him all about the subjects and syllabus.
A: Yaaa…but you know? I told him to do some correspondence course in Journalism after Engineering or something. He cant do Beeyay and all….this is not a time for playing games with career you know?
M: umm... I guess not. But studying Psych and Journalism is not really ‘playing games’ aunty. We have a challenging syllabus and project reports, exams and stuff.
A: Yaa all that is fine and all. But who will give him job and all? I mean, it’s a Beeyay no?Nowadays, only engineering is lucrative.
M: Well, actually, Journalism is a thriving field as well. And so is industrial Psychology. In fact, we’ve been told that in the next couple of years, they will be very lucrative.
A: Aiyo. It’s okay for you and all. You’re a girl. You don’t need to worry about money and all. What will people say if my son ends up with only a Beeyay? How can he earn as much as the engineering people? He can’t take up these things just because he likes to interpret dreams and all.

I choose to end the conversation here because that’s what my mum also tactfully did, by intervening. She had seen fire alarms go off within me and decided I was better off searching for good mangoes instead of fighting a losing battle with the lady.

It struck me then. Perhaps if I was a boy, I wouldn’t have found it easy convincing people around me to let me choose what I want to do. It’s a sad thing that girls are still not taken seriously unless they choose a ‘Manly’ field like Business or Engineering. Beeyays are just an extra line on a CV that will not go very far from college. Not everyone is like that though. I’m sure many parents don’t blend in gender with careers, but if they do, then who benefits really? It’s a bittersweet thing- the thought that perhaps since I’m a girl, I’m allowed to follow my ambitions and aspirations and choose any career I want. Maybe there is at least one male peer out there, who really wanted to be a Scholar of English Literature but is studying Computer Engineering instead…..