Friday, February 14, 2014

The Birthday Alphabet

I've broken the tradition. I've finally forgotten how to count and I can no longer start this post with the lines...26 days to go before I turn 26. Hm. Perhaps that's a good thing, and I can start a new tradition of successfully masking my age from now on.

*Quickly removes the year of birth from Facebook settings* 

Back to business. My annual budday post (annual in the literal sense, since the last post I wrote was my last year's budday post) will be in alphabet, the only concept I could associate 26 with. Here are 26 things are on my mind as I begin slipping to the older side of twenties. 

So not-so-young boys and girls, let's begin our A - B - C. 

A for Alarm Clocks, which aren't needed anymore...because I find myself waking up with the roosters. Despite having a wild night of reading a book and sleeping at ten. Yeesh. 

B for Bottoms up - that delightful tender coconut water straight out of the natural bottle. I know what you were thinking and no, it's not that.  

C for Cycling - which I need to start very soon, to counterbalance the calorie overload from cupcakes.

D for Doodling - a habit that's disappeared entirely, after my 100-page-single-line-ruled books have been taken over by a certain gentleman named Mac. 

E for Eengliss that we would destroy on purpose. Now my poor grammar jokes are not appreciated. Lolz, only. 

F for FTW - an abbreviation I've never used appropriately. Growing up, FTW! (right?) 

G for Gossip, giggling, goofing off and getting an endless supply of vitamin D from Garuda mall (you know who you are so get back soon!) 

H for Hashtags, because I have no idea why people use these but I find them #incrediblyamusing. And just for kicks, I'm just going to sprinkle a few here, quite randomly.

I for Iss sheher mein sab Kannada se zyaada Hindi bolte hain. I want to go back to 6th std where I used to hold my kannada textbook upside down and pretend I understood everything. #learnkannadayoushamelesspeople

J for Junk food - which used to symbolise cavities when I was ten...and now symbolises early onset diabetes and myocardial infarction. 

K for Kelsa (work, for the non-kannada folk) - a word that's changed so drastically this decade, from school kelsa to assignment kelsa to no kelsa and now actual kelsa kelsa. 

*******really tempted to cheat here and go L for Lemenopee? ******* ;) 

L for Loooong drives (ok, so it's only 6 kms but feels like an era has gone by) - these drives teach me to build character, personality, patience, perseverance, observe the world and manage anger effectively. 

M for Monies - which comes very obediently to the bank every month...deluding me into believing I can totally buy an island off the Caribbean in a few years from now. 

N for Ninajji - a phrase that's not befitting a 26-year-old-to-be at all. But I still giggle if someone uses it. 26 is old aa? Thoo, ninajji. :D 

O for Orange feet - you know who you both are, so this is for us, our whackiness, our long lasting friendship and years of hilarious whatsapp conversations  (of who married who, when, where, why and most importantly, what was the food?)

P for Phoren land - which I've now seen, experienced and liked...but saare jahaan se achcha; Hindustan hamaara.

Q for Quixotic Witter needs to be revived! (if you're wondering what Quixotic Witter is...scroll up and read my blog's title. Yup, it's changed. And now needs some love so you can spend the rest of the day being utterly unproductive and reading up ALL about my life) :P

R for Rekindle that habit of reading! Seriously, all I read these days are restaurant reviews on Friday's supplement paper. Appalling, for a worldly-wise-26-year-old-to-be.

S for Shishters of mine, scattered all over the world. We may grow old and wrinkly, but we'll always give them young 'uns a run for their monies. Glove you all. #iheartyouall

T for Tan-tana-tan-tan-tan-tara, chalti hai kya nau se baraah - an ode to reviving the watch sidey movies and laugh your pants off tradition.

U for Uff, this post is so long I need to start winding up. #endcomingsoon

W for Whatte wonderphul 25 years it's been. I'll keep ploughing through the rest with the same amount of excitement. :) #feelingsuperduperexcited

V for Valentine's Day, a day when all people drowning in louue go out to exclaim it. And here I am, writing my budday post diligently. Some things never change.

X for Xanthippe, because I want to end this post with a vague, unheard (but erudite) sounding word. Also, it beautifully describes me (rude, ill tempered woman) when I'm around autos/auto drivers/auto-anything. #complicatedlatinwords,FTW!

Y for Yo Yo Honey Singh, which I will criticize, rant and diss for the rest of my life...but will never be able to resist singing his songs when I'm alone in the car (aaj blue hai paani paani paani paani, anyone?) 

Z for Ze End! Happy-budday-to-me! :)