Friday, February 29, 2008

Only ten days!

Oh, and by the way,

Only Ten More days to go for the Big Twenty!!
Note to self: Considering the fact that you are the only avid reader of this blog, this post seems kinda silly.

Just another day

It’s the 29th of February. And I won’t get to write that for the next three years. This is why I dragged my fingers out of my Journalism report window and into this blog. Much as I hate interrupting my conscientious effort to produce a 2000 word feature on development journalism, I figured it would be fun to have a blogpost dated 29th Feb.

I got up with a bad dream that a Pomeranian dog had bitten my left hand. I was sitting in the Veterinary Hospital on Rose Garden road, waiting to be treated. (For the life of me I cant understand what I was doing in a Veterinary hospital instead of one inhabited by humans.)

And that was the only remotely exciting thing that happened to me today. Unless I get hold of Freud’s dream interpretation book and realize that I’m actually supposed to expect a windfall…or a knight in shining armour, I guess I'll have to stay satisfied with one extremely weird dream.

So there you go. My February 29 flew by before I could say 'Leap Year'. There was nothing extra-special about the day. But still, it’s a whole 24 hours added to this year. And this leap year promises to be significantly better than the last one. (Which was spent in gloating about the fact that I had 1 extra day to prepare for my 10th bored exams)

I’ve done it! I’ve posted something on the 29th, albeit a little nonsensical. (Okay, very nonsensical). I wish on this day, that by the next 29th of Feb, I will have much more depth in my perception of life and mature blogposting skills. Sigh. Leap years don’t make wishes come true, do they?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Whole Decades

Twenty days to go before I turn twenty. And here are twenty reasons why I am not old enough to be twenty.

1) I prefer the ‘if you don’t forward this e-mail then bad luck will persist’ mails to ones that I get from the British Council talking about post grad universities.

2) I like the colour pink. And will continue to do so. ‘Nuf said.

3) I like reading Enid Blyton books. I still smack my lips at the descriptions of the midnight feasts Darrell and her friends have at those boarding schools.

4) I run down half the flight of stairs and slide on the banister for the remaining half. And I get yelled at for almost breaking my bones. For the 1,56,734th time.

5) I still jump into a muddy puddle on a rainy day just to get my friend’s oh-so-pretty pair of shoes wet.

6) I watch Disney Channel incessantly. If Alladin’s Genie granted me three wishes, I would want Lizzie Mcguire’s mind, Hannah Montana’s voice and Raven’s psychic powers.

7) High School Musical is one of my favoritest movies. And I know most of the songs in the movie by heart.

8) I drink Bournvita whenever I’m in a bad mood. I live in the blind belief that it will make me grow taller and thus elevate my mood in the process.

9) I eat a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate before every big exam I write. Almost as if I’m swallowing the answers to the next day’s paper.

10) I have a lucky Parker Pen. I hyperventilate if I lose it. My pencil box (yes, I still keep one) is decorated with pictures of the Powerpuff girls.

11) I only read the horoscope and cartoons in the newspaper everyday. It’s a disgrace for a journalism student, and an even bigger one for someone who will be twenty.

12) At Shivajinagar, if I see my bus coming, I give a whoop of joy, push everyone out of the way and grab my favorite seat. (as opposed to a mature way of getting inside)

13) I believe that 13 is an unlucky number and I don’t like black cats. And no amount of growing up will change that attitude of mine.

14) I still shriek and run away if I see a lizard anywhere in the vicinity. (Vicinity meaning a radius of 2 kms)

15) Everytime I hear the song ‘Pehla Nasha’ or ‘Animal Song’ I smile widely and start singing along. Loudly and out of tune.

16) I can’t keep secrets. This is probably why I’m blurting out all this on worldwide web.

17) I live in my sandals and sneakers. Any pair of heels or girly chappals I’ve tried on have torn within 3 weeks of wearing them.

18) I don’t know the meaning of sesquipedalian words. I just pretend I know and smile very benignly at the speaker.

19) I giggle every time I hear Piddle, Poop or their synonyms.

20) My English literature book is filled with clouds and mountains instead of footnotes about the authors.

I want to go back in time and wake up to yesterday until I reach 1988.