Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fairytale Friendships

A mush-fest is about to start. This week was like a whirlwind. It came, swept me off my feet and has deposited me several inches above the ground. I don't feel like stepping down on the uneven ground again. Ever. If only the week could copy-paste itself 52 times so that the entire year would be the same and things like Future Planning, Exams, Practicals would slip away unnoticed into oblivion. 

But.....life isn't a fairytale. Although my friends are characters from those. Really, the non-stepsistery but more like perfect quality type characters. For someone who has never celebrated her birthday on the birth day (thanks to Bored exams, final exams, every other exam that books it's place in March) , this birthday was AWESOME!!! So here's a tribute to those angels who decided to sacrifice a holiday and shared their day with me instead. 

(Sorry dudes, I really wanted to write a poem and live up to the title Gyaan Guru Rhyme Shuru .....but my mind is clogged with random essays on African Education, Paranoid Schizophrenia and Exit Polls...so I shall do that some other time) :) 

So I'll begin in the order of their appearance in my life. Sneha and Reenu, I really wont miss you. That's because we're the only three who are giving outdated social networking sites any business at all by constantly writing mundane little notes to each other. I know it will continue....so I'm totally at peace thinking I'll always stay in touch with you. ( I really cant help myself...you both are contagious!) 

My google buddies - Naya, Bihari Bahurani, Resh and Maddy..... I didn't know you guys before Google happened and I sincerely believed that we wouldn't really keep in touch at college after Google either. But the fact that we still act like three year olds when we greet each other, and share the same Googly vibes nearly a year after the internship shows that the internship did nothing much except to catalyse our friendship. We were meant to be friends...internship or not. And the very fact is proven by how much fun we've had outside of Google as well. I hope this friendship continues even as you all strut off to work and I settle down with my books! :) P.S. You all can take turns in treating me - after all, you'll be earning! :-P 

My college pals! My college life is defined by you all. I don't think I would've enjoyed even half of what I did if I was in any other Combination. PyEJ is not a class, it's an identity. A personality trait ingrained in all of us. You guys have been the best! And the only bit of that looooong graduation address I caught was "You will make many friends in your life but the college friends are those you keep forever".

Repstar - This swamiji of yours has totally become your disciple in learning how to let go and have fun. I'll miss your warmth and compassion towards us and that right-out-of-a-shampoo-ad hair! 

Sirchi Mirchi - We've made everyone deaf by our melodious rendition of Livin' in my OUWN world! E-mail will never let us down as we discuss the technicoloured lives of Hayavadana and our cutie from MJTH!!! 

Foo Foo Princess - We've had Chats, Chit Chats and you've managed to get me to try that raw mango with toxic green lethal chutney also! My life has been sprinkled with spice thanks to you..and we'll definitely continue our tradition of violating birthday cakes even in our Backpacking trip! 

Sauce wali red! - I still have that first e-mail you wrote me! I'm probably preserving it to show your kids how reluctantly shy you were at first....and now? The word isn't Shy. It's Sigh. How DO we get you to shut up? :-P You've redefined red! 

J Lo with Twinkle Toes - The ONLY person who's even attempted in getting me to shake a leg. Clearly, I'm not meant to do it. But you still dance with me! I'll kidnap you from Dubai just to take you shopping....so that I look more like a normal college girl and less like a pre-teen wannabe fresh out of Weekender Kids. 

Techie Tingu!! We've had a looooong connection...from the crow to maaaaaam to front and back! Really, Sanskrit classes wouldn't have been this memorable..in fact, I really don't remember what we've studied..but I remember how we've studied them! We'll be in touch until our bled stays red. :-P 

Register ki Rani - My cute little anda who's so mature and dignified now! Your perfect attendance has meant that you've lit up my life every single day of college! Just remember to close your windows during sandstorms and give the Internet some good exercise by constantly staying in touch! 

Pingu Penguin, Scandalized, Rasam Kali.....a big big hug to you all....for that 1000 watt smile, the tales in your house and the chubby chubby hands. 

No matter which direction we all disperse in, whether we stay in touch or not, you guys will always be 'The guys'. It's really hard to find new friends after you all have set such high standards! Looks like I'll be coming away from college with that Snooty Carmelite attitude after all. It is not going to be easy settling in a new place after leaving this home.....but your memories, experiences and idiosyncrasies are going to make it like cake-walk. (and in my line of study, if someone glances at my glazed daydreaming expression, they might end up classifying me into Axis I disorders!- but it's worth taking that risk!)  

If THIS big post of self praise I've meted out to you all wont get you to read my blog, seriously, NOTHING will! 

A very very humble thank you. :-)